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eStore MEASUREMENT PRODUCTS SOLAR - SOLAR MODULE TESTER Product designation: B-SMT-200-60-6 Description: This product is a portable solar module test which measure the MPP power, voltag and current, the open circuit voltage and short circuit current and efficiency of a solar module with 60 V maxium voltage and 6 A maxicum current. It is equipped with AC adaptor, RS232 to USB bridge cable, 8 rechargeable batteries, software CD and Kelvin clips. DC Voltage Range: 1 mV - 60 V DC Current Range: 1 mA - 6 A Battery : 1.2 V x 8 - 2.5 Ah AC Adaptor: 120 V or 220 V Portable: Yes Option: Printer Net Weight: 1.16 kg Size: L257 x W155 x H57 mm Warranty: 1 Year Certification: ITEM PRICE contact ENERGY AUDIT - 6-IN-1 DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT MULTIMETER Product designation: B-DEM-6-1 Description: This product is a multifunctional digital environment meter which can measure temperature, humidity, sound level, wind speed, air flow and illuminance with high accuracy. It is a portable professional measuing instrument with large LCD and backlight for easily reading. It has function of auto change range and data hold. Power Supply: 9 V DC Display: 4 digit liquid crystal display Storage Environment: -10-+50˚C Operating Environment: -10-+60˚C Temperature Range: -10-+60˚C Relative Humidity Range: 20-80% RH Sound Level Range: 30-130 dB Illuminance Range: 0-50 klx Wind Speed Range: 0.5-30 m/s Air Flow Range: 0-999.9 m² Net Weight: 430 g Size: L280 x W89 x H50 mm Warranty: 1 Year Certification: ITEM PRICE contact                   .
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SOLAR - SOLAR INSTALLATION TESTER Product designation: B-PV150-1000-400 Description: This product is a portable complete commissiong tool which makes performance testing of solar PV plants safe, fast and easy. It combines all of the required electrical tests into one single unit and enables readings to be stored and downloaded to PC for certification record keeping. It can test ground continuity, insulation resistance, short circuit and open circuiy voltage of PV installtion. In addition, it is able to wirelessly capture and record real time irradiance, ambient and PV module temperature readings. DC Voltage Range: 5 V - 1000 V DC/AC Current Range: 0.1 A - 400 A Battery : 1.5 V x 6 - 2.5 Ah Portable: Yes Net Weight: 3 kg Size: L350 x W240 x H190 mm Warranty: 1 Year Certification: ITEM PRICE contact ENERGY AUDIT - AC DIGITAL ENERGY & POWER CLAMP METER Product designation: B-UT232-600-1kA Description: This product is a three phase intelligent handheld digital power clamp meter which has both the features of digital current meter and power measurement meter. It can measure voltage, current, active, apparent, reactive power, power factor, phase angle frequency and active energy. Its package case contains test leads, alligator clips, USB interface cable, software and tool box. Maximum Voltage: 600 V Maximum Current: 1 kA Maximum Power: 600 kW, 600 kVA, 600 kVAr Power Factor Range: 0.3-1 (Capacitive or inductive) Phase Angle: 0-360˚ Frequency Range: 20-500 Hz Active Energy: 9999 kWh Battery: 1.5 V x 4 Net Weight: 601 g Size: L303x W112 x H39 mm Warranty: 1 Year Certification: ITEM PRICE contact