Our Motto: KISSAS (Keep It Simple, Smart And Sustainable)
About Bouendeu CleanTech Inc. is a designer and supplier of clean technological products. Our incorporation is driven by the three main poles of the human activities. We are committed to the efficient and strategic use of scientific and engineering methods to design and supply eco-friendly products and systems  to solve societal concerns under ethical, ecological, humanitarian and economical considerations. Our clean products and services are in the areas of renewable energies, eco-lighting, clean storage systems, clean air and water systems and associated educational and metrological tools. Our Core Values Bouendeu CleanTech’s core values are: Innovation in its product and service portfolio Social Responsability, that means have an overall positive impact on society Integrity which means highest level of ethical considerations Integration of ecological, humanitarian and economic component in business. Our Purposes Bouendeu CleanTech’s core purposes are to: Provide better life quality through innovative engineered solutions Help to align with mother nature through Sciences and Technologies. Our Visionary Goal Bouendeu CleanTech’s visionary goal is to make clean technological products, solutions and services available to everyone in the world. Our Tools Bouendeu CleanTech’s tool  is the intelligent combination of scientific and engineering method to design and supply clean products and systems. Our Motto Bouendeu CleanTech’motto is KISSAS which means Keep It Simple, Smart And Sustainable.
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