Our Motto: KISSAS (Keep It Simple, Smart And Sustainable)
Products Bouendeu CleanTech  is highly committed to designing and supplying high-quality and affordable environmentally friendly products and systems in the following areas:
Introduction We design and supply eco-friendly products and systems which comply with high quality standard required by our clients and partners. Visit our eStore to have a detailed description of our clean products, get our product price, place your order and provide your specific requirements on a product needed. Eco-Lighting Products We provide state-of-the-art LED (Light Emitting Diode)-lighting products to reduce your electricity bill and and to reduce CO2 gas emission as well as your lighting project cost. Our LED-products are suitable to residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural applications. We also offer LEC (Light Emitting Capacitor) products for backlighting and advertizing purposes. Renewable Energy Products We supply clean energy products useful t o harnes s sun and optical irradiation, mechanical force of wind, hydro power of water and convert it to electricity ,  heat and cool. The produced electricity or heat can be used to power your house, shop or factory or can be sold to your local distribution company. Our renewable energy products include solar modules, solar heat & electricity generators, solar water pumping systems, eco-lighting systems, wind power generators and and associated balance of system components. E lectricity Storage Products We offer reliable and eco-friendly energy storage products used  in residential, commercial, industrial applications as well as in wearable and mobile devices and systems. Clean Air & Water Products We deliver energy-saving 3-in-1 air cooler, air humidifier and air purifier, 4-in-1 air cooler, humidifier, purifier and heater as well as in-home water treatment system for healthy drinking water . Measurement Products We provide high-precise measurement tools which are used for energy audit, tests and characterization of renewable energy components and comparison of lighting sources Education Products We supply high-quality educational equipment for vocational colleges, universities and training centers to facilitate teaching and training in the area of renewable energy and eco-lighting technology.
Design & Supply Eco-Lighting & Clean Energy Solutions
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